Wednesday Schedule

May 1st, 2024

Format: Booster Draft, Teams of 3 Players

Each team will receive 6 boosters to build 3 teams of 300 points each.

3 Rounds of Swiss and cut to top 4.

Boosters are random from various older sets of Heroclix.

Prizing is cumulative.

Earth X Captain America Con LE x3
Doomsday Con LE x3

4th Place:
Venom, God of Symbiotes Con LE x3
The Watcher [Battle Armor] Con LE x3
Hawkeye and Hawkeye Con LE x3
Wonder Woman Generations Pack x3
Thorgwen Con LE x3
The Joker Con LE x3
HFH 2023 Bystander x3
Pair of ROC Dice x3

3rd Place:
Event Trophy

2nd Place:
Next Phase Retail Chase Boosters x3

1st Place:
Major Brock’s Bunker Map (Gold Variant) x3