Join us for the hottest HeroClix auction ever!

Beginning Tuesday, April 30th at 9:00PM EST, the HeroClix for Huntington’s Auxxit auction will go live with exclusive HeroClix figures, maps, pogs and cards you don’t want to miss. The Auction ends Saturday, May 4th at 9:00pm EST with a special livestream/in-person event with Scott Porter at the ROC Cup. Check out the auction in Auxxit in the Heroclix Cafe!

Download the Auxxit app here:
Google Play Store (Android): Here
Apple Store (iOS): Here

Heroclix Cafe Invite Link: Here

This year’s auction is larger than ever with Unreleased Product, Factory Sets, Limited Edition figures, Convention Exclusives, bystanders, signed prizing, and much much more up for bid!

All proceeds of the charity auction go to the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bid on the following auction items (some auction items will have multiple listings):

Design A Switchclix
Brock and Roll Map Purple Variant
Major Brock’s Bunker Map Purple Variant

Factory Set of Upcoming 2024 Set
DC Heroclix: Masters of Time Factory Set

Marvel Heroclix: Deadpool Weapon X Factory Set
DC Heroclix: Notorious Factory Set
Marvel Heroclix:
Wheels of Vengeance Factory Set
Marvel Heroclix: Next Phase Retail Chase Booster
Heroclix for Huntington’s Tumblers by Gamermats

Jeremiah Peterson Custom Designed Tray
2024 Scott Porter HFH Map Gold Variant
2024 Scott Porter HFH Map Purple Variant
2023 Heroclix for Huntington’s Bystander
Scott Porter Heroclix for Huntington’s Figure Signed
Scott Porter Powerbomb Figure Signed
Giant Powerbomb Scott Porter with Small Figure Signed
Giant HFH Scott Porter with Small Figure Signed
Scott Porter In Person Battle Royale Sunday
Scott Porter Online Battle Royale Sunday
Scott Porter’s Deadpool Weapon X Unboxing Loot
Scott Porter’s Notorious Unboxing Loot
Scott Porter’s Wheel of Vengeance Unboxing Loot
Marvel Heroclix Iconic: Hall of Armor
DC Heroclix Iconix: Death of Superman
WizKids Iconix: Colossal Kong

DC Heroclix: King Arthur Con LE
Marvel Heroclix: Venom, God of Symbiotes Con LE
Marvel Heroclix: The Watcher [Battle Armor] Con LE
Marvel Heroclix: Hawkeye & Hawkeye Con LE
Marvel Heroclix: Thorgwen Con LE
DC Heroclix: The Joker Con LE
Marvel Heroclix: Captain America on a Pegasus Con LE
Wizkids Heroclix: Gingerbread Man
X-Men X of Swords Storyline Tournament Kit Month 1
X-Men X of Swords Storyline Tournament Kit Month 2
X-Men X of Swords Storyline Tournament Kit Month 3
DC Heroclix: Superman [Rainbow Hands] Con LE

Starts: April 30th, 2024

Ends: May 4th, 2024