Sunday Schedule

Format: 400pts Silver Age

John Cena Con LE for each player.

Top 32:
The Joker Con LE x1
The Watcher [Battle Armor] Con LE x1
Pair of ROC Dice x1

Top 16:
2023 Bystander x1
Brock and Roll Map x1
Batman & Catwoman Con LE x1
Warp World Phoenix Con LE x1
Thorgwen Con LE x1
Punchline Con LE x1

Top 8:
Phoenix Sentinel Colossal Con LE x1
Venom, God of Symbiotes Con LE x1
Harley Quinn Con LE x1

Top 4:
Next Phase Retail Chase Booster x1
Merman Batman Con LE x1
Iceman [2024] Con LE x1
Old King Thor [2024] Con LE x1
Robin with Batcycle Con LE x1
Space Ghost Con LE x1

2nd Place:
Wheels of Vengeance Factory Set x1

1st Place:
World Championship Trophy x1
Design a Map x1
Next Phase Factory Set x1