Below are the list of rulings made by the Heroclix for Huntington’s ROC Judges that will be in effect for both the Scott Porter Invitational and the Modern Age event. Rulings below are not meant to replace future erratas from Wizkids and will be subsequently removed if erratas are issued by Wizkids on the affected figure.

Current Rulings:

Q: I have a character that grants something at no cost. Since at no cost is no longer a game term, how will this work?

A: For this event we will treat “at no cost” as “as FREE”.


Q: What about a character like Vulture or prime Doppelganger with triggered charges?

A: Because the CLOSE in Charge is FREE, if you can do more than one charge, each CLOSE will have to be a different type (e.g. Flurry, Mind Control, CLOSE, CLOSE Object Action, CLOSE Destroy Action)


Q: How will attack powers that don’t activate with an action be handled? (e.g. FREE: Incapacitate)

A: These powers will be treated as FREE: Make an attack only using _. (e.g. Incapacitate – FREE: Make an attack only using Incapacitate)


Q: How do the various breakaway effects on WWE powers work under new rules? For instance “breakaway -2” or “breakaway +2” from reversal and nimble respectively. In particular how do they interact with new plasticity?

A: For this event, they will function as written, giving a plus or minus to breakaway as they worked previously.


Q: How will powers that reference making object attacks with Telekinesis be handled?

A: For this tournament, special powers that reference making object attacks with Telekinesis will be able to make object attacks with Telekinesis as allowed in the previous rules.


Q: How much damage will Scarab be able to deal? Is it take one damage or only deal one damage?

A: Scarab’s power The Training Wheels Are Off says when he attacks with the power, he deals a maximum of 1 damage. Damage dealt is the result after applying any effects that increase or decrease assigned damage. (see 12.4a in the Comprehensive Rule Book). This is different from damage taken (as on the Danger Room figures).



Q: If Sky Tyrant targets multiple characters and hits more than one, how many times does his effect in Sky Tyrant Flies Again trigger?

A:  Once. An attack checks against each target for a “hit” or a “miss” if a target is “hit”, the attack “hits”. If Sky Tyrant simultaneously hits and misses, this still triggers his effect once as his attack “hits”.