While we wish every HeroClix player could be at the HeroClix for Huntington’s/ROC Cup event, we understand that not everyone is able to make it. Being at home, however, doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the Heroclix for Huntington’s weekend!

You must join the ROC Online Discord to participate in the Online Battle Royales.
Invite can be found here: https://discord.com/invite/kT2FyBs

See below for link to purchase entry to an Online Battle Royale:

Online Battle Royales

Each BR will have two bystander pogs and two random X of Swords Tarot cards.

Prizing will be drafted from 1st place to last.

Bystander Pogs to choose from are Lucas PJ Scott, Spirit of the Game, Scott Porter, and Scott Cramton.

Duplicates may not be chosen during draft.

All entry fees will go to Huntington’s Disease Society of America.