Welcome to Heroclix for Huntington’s 2022 Event Page!

What: The 2023 ROC Cup 

When: May 5th thru 8th

Where: Lucky Dice Cafe – 7914 Memorial Parkway Suite B7, Huntsville, AL 35802

Admission Cost: FREE

Welcome to Heroclix Paradise! Last year in May, ROC with Scott Porter and WizKids ran online events that raised over $30,000 that was donated to the Huntington Disease Society of America (HDSA). We are committed to this endeavor and this year we welcome back the ROC Cup to kick off the year.

This year, the ROC Cup will be hosting the Silver Age National Championship with all proceeds going to HDSA. Additionally, the Auxxit Live Auction will make its return allowing Heroclix fans in person and online to participate.

All proceeds from the auction will go to HDSA with the following breakdown:

For all other events at the ROC Cup, one dollar per entry will also be donated to HDSA. 

100% of the Silver Age National Championship goes to charity.

100% of Online Battle Royales go to charity.

100% of the Auxxit Auction goes to charity.

100% of the charity Theme Probability purchases for Friday’s tournament goes to charity

50% of every entry for the Scott Porter VS the World sealed tournament goes to charity.

$1 Per Entry into the Team Event on Saturday goes to charity.

$5 Per Player Entry for each in-person goes to charity ($20 per Battle Royal) 

To Request a Tax/Gift Acknowledgment form for Tax Purposes from the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, please click the following link:

Heroclix for Huntington’s Registration/Auction/Donation Form

Scott Porter will also be present for the ROC Cup weekend. Scott will be participating in Battle Royales off and on for the duration of the ROC Cup. You can expect that some of the items up for bid will be tickets to play with Scott Porter in Battle Royales.

What to Expect:

The ROC Cup starts Thursday evening with an Early Bird Welcome event and doesn’t end until Sunday night. Thursday will once again feature a special sealed team event, but will also have drink specials and food for the folks that like to come in early.

Friday will feature a Sealed Tournament with the winner getting a bye into the finals of the Silver Age National Championship. Friday night will be online and in-person Auxxit Auction.

Sit back, relax, eat and have a drink all the while being entertained by Scott Porter and Howard Brock. We will also introduce the Heroclix Hall of Fame members and give out their rings.

Saturday’s Main event will be a Silver Age Extreme Highlander Team Constructed National Championship.

Sunday will feature the official 300pt Silver Age National Championship. 

Additionally, we will be running Battle Royales and side events everyday that will include convention exclusives as prizes.

For a full breakdown of the ROC Cup schedule, check the boxes below:

Thursday Events

7:00pm CST: Team Welcome Event

Cost: $15.00 per player

Format: Booster Draft, Teams of 3 Players, Each team will receive 6 boosters to build 3 teams of 300 points each. 3 Rounds of Swiss and cut to top 4. Boosters are random from various sets of Heroclix. Food & Drink Specials for those attending

Friday Events

10:ooam CST: Battle Royales all day until close

Cost: $20 In-Person, $10 Online Roll20 

Format: Sealed, one booster, Battle Royale format

1:00pm CST: Sealed Tournament

Cost: $34 per player

Format: 300 points sealed from latest set

Special Rules: Players are allowed one mulligan and can purchase two new boosters if they are unsatisfied with the original boosters. Original boosters must be put up and players must play with their replacement boosters. Players may buy up to 5 probs per game. All proceeds from prob purchases will go to Huntington Disease Society of America. This will be Swiss play followed by a cut. Swiss rounds and cut may be shortened to ensure the tournament is ended prior to the auction and event on Friday night.

8:00PM CST: Auxxit Auction with Scott Porter

Relax, eat, drink and sit back and win some unbelievable items that will be on display. We will have the same type items that we had last year. We will post these as soon as we have them all lined up. You may bid live or online. If you are present, you get to take the item home and if you are elsewhere in the world, we will mail it to you.

We will also be introducing Hall of Fame inductees who will be receiving their HOF Rings.

Saturday Events

9:00am CST: Battle Royales all day until close

Cost: $20 In-Person, $10 Online Roll20

Format: Sealed, One booster, Battle Royale format, 

10:00am CST: Teams National Championship

Cost: $ 90.00 (3 players) Format: 300 point Silver Age, Extreme Highlander. Only one element is allowed per team. This means if one player has a XXS054 Wolverine on his force then he can only play that one and that his/her teammates may not play that same figure. This applies to all game elements. There can only be one. Elements with the same name may be played as long as they are not the same. Multiple elements of different point values cannot be played. Figures that can produce multiple generic figures and or bystanders may produce those figures and more than one is allowed in play.

3:00pm CST: Sealed (3/4 Rounds of Swiss) Cost: $34.00 (two Boosters) Format: 300 points sealed

Sunday Events

10:00am CST: Battle Royales all day until close or product runs out

Cost: $20 In-Person, $10 Online Roll20

Format: Sealed, one booster, Battle Royale format

10:00am CST: Singles National Championship Cost: $30.00 Format: Silver Age Constructed Swiss Rounds determined by number of players. Players with earned byes will join in after the cut and for single elimination. All Proceeds go to Huntington Disease Society of America.


Lucky Dice Cafe:
Address: 7914 Memorial Parkway Suite B7, Huntsville, AL 35802

For those not familiar with Lucky Dice Cafe, we are a full game store with a variety of products. We have great food made to order, milkshakes, coffee,  craft & domestic ice cold beer, and free wifi. We have thousands upon thousands Heroclix singles and maps. We buy & sell Heroclix, Magic, Pokemon, Digimon, Flesh and Blood, Yu-Gi-Oh & Dragon Ball.


Hotel Accomodations:

We recommend the following hotels and all are less than a ¼  mile from the cafe:

Hilton Garden Inn Huntsville South/Redstone Arsenal

301 Boulevard S SW, Huntsville, AL 35802  (256) 881-4170

Hampton Inn Huntsville-Arsenal/South Pkway

501 Boulevard S SW, Huntsville, AL 35802 (256) 882-2228

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Huntsville South

6000 Memorial Pkwy SW, Huntsville, AL 35802  (256) 882-9400