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Auxxit Auction Information

Join us for the hottest 48 hour HeroClix auction ever!

Beginning Monday May 1st, the HeroClix for Huntington’s Auxxit Auction will go live with exclusive HeroClix figures, maps, pogs and cards you don’t want to miss. The Auction ends Friday, May 6th at 9:00pm CST with a special livestream/in-person event with Scott Porter at the ROC Cup

This year’s auction is larger than ever with a super early brick of Avengers 60th Anniversary, Wonder Woman 80th Factory Set, Design a Switch Clix, chase/prime sets, convention exclusives, bystanders, signed maps, and much much more up for bid!

All proceeds of the charity auction go to the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bid on the following auction items:

Some auction items have multiple listings!

Heroclix Swag:
Design a Switchclix

Jeremiah Peterson Custom Designed Tray
Heroclix for Huntington’s Tumblers by Gamermats

HeroClix Factory Sets, Chase/Prime Sets, Event Kits and More!
Scott Porter 60th Anniversary Unboxing Loot
Scott Porter Spider-Man Beyond Amazing Unboxing Loot
Avengers 60th Anniversary Brick
Batman Team-UP Factory Set
Wonder Woman 80 Factory Set
Avengers Fantastic Four Empyre Factory Set
X-Men X of Swords Factory Set0
Disney Plus Chase/Prime Set
Avengers War of the Realms Chase/Prime Set
Avengers War of the Realms Chase/Prime Set
X-Men Rise and Fall Chase/Prime Set
X of Swords Chase/Prime Set
X of Swords Entire Storyline Bundle (Everything)
X of Swords Storyline Tournament Kit Month 1
X of Swords Storyline Tournament Kit Month 2
X of Swords Storyline Tournament Kit Month 3
X of Swords 3d Object Sword Set
X of Swords Tarot Card Set
The Hobbit Movie Desolation of Smaug Factory Set
DC Comics Heroclix: Wonder Woman Factory Set
Guardians of the Galaxy Movie V2 Factory Set
Undead factory Set
The Eternals Movie factory Set
Star Trek Away Team: The Original Series Factory Set
Heroclix – LOTR The Two Towers Factory Set
Marvel Heroclix – Thor Ragnarok Factory Set
Heroclix DC: Arkham Origins Factory Set
Star Trek Tactics Series 4 Factory Set
Batman V Superman Gravity Feed Sealed
Captain America Civil War Gravity Feed Sealed
Black Widow Gravity Feed Sealed
DC Heroclix Teen Titans Factory Set

HFH and Convention Exclusives:
Scott Porter Heroclix for Huntington’s Figure Signed
Scott Porter Power Bomb Figure Signed
Scott Cramton Bystander
Scott Cramton Bystander Signed
Phoenix Sentinel Colossal Convention Exclusive
Punchline Convention Exclusive
Dark Knights Metal Wonder Woman Convention Exclusive
Spider-Hulk Convention Exclusive
Ashley Barton Convention Exclusive
Harley Quinn Convention Exclusive
Fantastic Thors Convention Exclusive
Batman Surfing Shark Convention Exclusive

HeroClix Maps:
Racer Family Neoprene Map Signed
Racer Family Variant Neprene Map Signed
ROC Double Side 2023 Prize Neoprene Map Randy’s Swamp/Critical Clix HQ
Double Sided Eastview Park/ Eastview Miltary Base Neoprene Map
Double Sided Sanctuary/Water Ziggurat Blood Version Neoprene Map
Hyper RPG Studios/Panther Fieldhouse Double Sided Neoprene Map

Play a Battle Royale with Scott Porter:
Scott Porter Online Battle Royale Saturday
Scott Porter In Person Battle Royale Saturday
Scott Porter Online Battle Royale Sunday
Scott Porter In Person Battle Royale Sunday


To Request a Tax/Gift Acknowledgment form for Tax Purposes from the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, please click the following link:

Link Coming Soon!